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WGH Pakistan Chapter – The Vision and Mission


Gender Equity in leadership in health at all levels of health workforce.


Create a robust WGH Pakistan network of Pakistani women in leadership positions all across the globe, supported by high political commitment; providing them with a platform for discussion, collective knowledge creation, and contemplation; and nurturing a collaborative space for mentorship programs and leadership training for promoting gender participation and equality at all levels of the health systems in Pakistan

Primary Objectives

  • Creating a dynamic WGHPakistan network galvanizing and mobilizing diaspora women leaders of Pakistani descent in global health across the globe
  • Facilitating collaborations for research on gender specific issues in health; landscaping and policy analysis;
  • Spearheading evidence driven advocacy campaigns for gaining high political commitment for gender mainstreaming at all levels of the health system
  • Bringing together women leaders in global health to provide mentorship to young female professionals
  • Launching a series of leadership thought events and training programmes for future women leaders in health to achieve their leadership potential
  • Establishing the WGHPakistan secretariat, mobilize resources, identify and facilitate provincial chapters, offer effective coordination and actively support global initiatives to further the global momentum created for promoting gender parity in health workforce.

Learn more about Women in Global Health here.

Keep watching this space for updates on the Chapter Launch. To nominate an eminent women in health in Pakistan for the WGH Pakistan List, please visit here.

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