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Members of WGHPakistan Power Delegation to the Generation Equality Forum Paris 2021

Members of WGHPakistan Power Delegation to the Generation Equality Forum Paris 2021

Pakistan’s Commitments to Further Gender Equality in Health Workforce

The Gender Equal Healthcare Workforce Initiative (GEHCWI) (launched in February 2021) aims to increase visibility, dialogue, technical outputs and commitment to action on improving gender equity..

Pakistan Power Delegation Attending the Generation Equality Forum 2021 Paris

Generation Equality Forum (GEF) marks 25 years since the 1995 Beijing UN Conference for Women. It is the largest women’s gathering in over 25 years…

About P2i Associates

Our Story

P2impact is a policy think tank, generating evidence and informing policies for addressing priority development challenges confronting Pakistan.

P2impact brings health researchers, creative public health professionals and multi-disciplinary interest groups together to work as a collaborative team, using data, knowledge and scientific expertise for narrating a story about population’s health and social well-being. It promotes partnerships and networking for co-productions and advocacy to achieve sustainable development goals

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We succeed every time we see our initiatives translating into government reforms and policy actions, beyond planning and strategy documents.

Qualified Specialists

Over 80 years of cumulative multi-disciplinary experience in development sector in over 20 countries with well-known expertise in diverse domains

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Sectoral Experiences

Established track record of working with public, private sector and varied international donors and development partners in health, education and social sector

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Functional Strengths

Extensive experience in research, monitoring, evaluation and reporting, organizational learning, futuristic thinking, policy planning and strategy development

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Network of Networks

Long-standing relationships with networks of government organizations, NGOs, academicians, development partners and practitioners

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80+ years of cumulative experience

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Creating evidence-informed pathways

P2Impact is a group of development professionals technically supporting and facilitating governments, development partners, public and private sector organizations and other entities in creating evidence-informed pathways for transformational impact. P2i recognizes that gender equality in healthcare is crucial for achieving the targets for SDG3 (Health), SDG5 (gender), SDG8 (economic development) and SDG10 (Reduce Inequality). Economic equity and participation can be promoted by harnessing the full potential of the female health community.