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Pictures of Strength: Celebrating Pakistani Women in the Healthcare Sector

Pakistan, a country with a population of 114 million females, faces significant gender disparity, ranked fifth worst in gender parity globally. Only 22% of women participate in the labor force in the country. However, their participation in health sector is exemplary as they represnt 70% of the health workforce but occupy less than 5% leadership roles exemplifying a pattern of ‘women deliver health but men lead it’.

Despite facing socio-cultural barriers, gender-biased work environments, and challenges like COVID-19, Pakistani women in healthcare have demonstrated remarkable resilience. They continue to play a crucial role in delivering healthcare, especially to underserved communities, yet their contributions often do not get the recognition and visibility that they deserve.

Therefore, this photography competition initiated by Women in Global Health Pakistan (WGHP) in collaboration with King Edward Medical University is designed to encourage young photographers to capture images that celebrate females in the healthcare sector in all their  diversity and resilience.

Why should you participate?

Cash Prizes:

  • 1st Position: PKR 25,000
  • 2nd Position: PKR 10,000
  • 3rd Position: PKR 5,000
  • Runner-up (x3): PKR 3,000 each
  • Global Exposure: Winning photographs will be featured and credited in WGH reports and presentations circulated both nationally and internationally, offering you a unique opportunity to showcase your work on a global platform.
  • Networking and Professional Opportunities: You will gain visibility that may attract potential stakeholders and collaborators, paving the way for new projects and professional opportunities.
  • Engagement with Follow-on Projects at Women in Global Health:  Your participation will enable engagement with WGHP ongoing projects, merging health-focused efforts with photography.

Your photographs have the power to inspire change and bring deserved recognition to these unsung heroes of healthcare!

Competition Theme

The theme for the photography competition is “Pictures of Strength: Celebrating Pakistani Women Working in the Health Sector”. These include Lady Health Workers (LHW), Community Midwives, Nurses, Pharmacists, Allied Health Professionals, Doctors, Managers, Policymakers and women contributing to the health sector in numerous valued capacities. 

Young photographers are invited to showcase this theme capturing images that celebrate females in the healthcare sector in all their  diversity and resilience. This may include exhibiting portraits of women as they:

  1. Work in various healthcare settings, such as in clinical care, academia, research, policy, as well as at the grass root level and in communities;
  2. The challenges they confront; 
  3. The contributions they make in so many diverse ways towards improving the health and social well being of the people of Pakistan; and capturing the moments that reflect strength, dedication, commitment and passion that they hold.

Each image should reflect the realities and dedication of female health workers, offering insight into their crucial roles in healthcare.

Entry Requirements:

  • Open to youth under 29 years, enrolled in any form of academic programs.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Entry to the competition is free
  • Each photographer to submit a batch of 3 photographs for consideration  
  • Must secure signed consent of all subjects photographed in each image as the images will be copyrighted and shall be used by WGHP for research and advocacy purposes;
  • Entries to be submitted in digital format and must not be digitally manipulated in any way;
  • Image files should be 10 MB or smaller, in JPEG or .jpg format, and at least 1,600 pixels portrait/landscape
  • All submissions must be accompanied by a creative caption that best describes the concept of the photograph. The caption must not be more than 10 words long.
  • Photographers are required to submit the photographs through a Google Form: https://rb.gy/o36dz5 

Disqualification Parameters: 

  • Not original work of the applicant;
  • Does not depict the broad theme outlined above;
  • Photos that have won awards in other photographic contests; been published elsewhere or  has been posted on social media
  • Breaks any law or infringe the rights of others

Judgement Criteria

Photos will be evaluated by leading photographers and faculty teaching relevant disciplines from institutions across Pakistan based on relevance to the theme of the competition, accompanying description/caption, the quality of submission and how they stand out amongst the entries received.

Important Dates:

Submission Deadline: 10th December 2023 11.59 PM PKT (Entries received after the closing date will not be entertained.)

Consent Form

Please ensure that you receive signed consent from all the subjects photographed as the images will be copyrighted and shall be used by WGH Pakistan for research and advocacy purposes. If you have 3 photographs then you must attach 3 different consent forms for each photo with signed consent. You can download and print the consent forms from here: Consent Form for Photography Competition 

Join us in this journey to honor the unsung heroines of Pakistan’s healthcare. Your lens can spotlight their extraordinary stories. Ready to make a difference? Enter today!

Questions? Contact us at: [email protected]

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