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Designing Human-Centric Communication for Change

P2i team has invaluable experience of developing holistic, culturally sensitive and context-specific health communication plans and IEC tools that are culturally sensitive and context-specific.

For various social marketing campaigns development, the team has engaged both with the subject matter experts and the public for designing target specific messages and products that are market-viable and integrated into well-received digital mediums.

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Using Modern Communication Theories to Change Status Quo

P2i senior team leads have international qualification and experience in designing health communication tools and products while optimally applying guiding theory, evidence and universally accepted strategies for health communication design. The team has worked aggressively to utilize new knowledge and technological developments to update the Information, Education and Communication (IEC) aids.

As senior advisor to the Government and the department of Health, the senior team leads have worked on addressing policy-practice disconnect by designing responsive reports for both academicians and program officials.

Developing thought-provoking content

Experts at P2i have been managing internal and external strategic communication for the Government of Punjab, including liaising with international public health institutions for various priority agendas for the country, and generating key briefs and reports for multi-disciplinary interest groups. The in-house team is highly proficient in creative writing and developing engaging features and human-interest stories, case studies, visuals, movies, blogs and other material to engage public through social-media. P2i has traditionally used this content to initiate much-needed thought leadership around pressing issues.

Malnutrition in Punjab

  • Stunted
  • Severely Stunted
  • Normal

Analysed for Policy Roundtable on Malnutrition for Planning and Development Department

P2i team has rich experience in developing high end technical communication products in compliance with the branding and marking guidelines of international and national development partners, including DFID, UKAID, USG, WHO and UN Branding. Our presentations and reports have been lauded widely both nationally and internationally. These reports and knowledge products are being used as model templates at international level.

With post graduate certifications and qualification in strategic communication design, the P2i team has used systems thinking to design communication strategies, and put forth market viable communication products incorporating available evidence and information, customizing the information for different channels and using different media vehicles such as websites, newsletters, newspaper articles, publications, reports, technical briefs, case videos and visual success stories etc. This also included group communications with stakeholders at global and regional levels through annual reports, remit letters and progress briefs

Women in Punjab with Unmet Need

Analysed from Preliminary Findings PDHS 2017-2018

  • One
  • Two

Bridging policy-practice disconnect

Senior experts at P2i have 10+ years of experience in designing knowledge and communication products by making scientific evidence comprehendible for policy-makers. The team is highly proficient in extracting relevant evidence from multiple sources, correlating and connecting to the interests of relevant stakeholders. By designing user-specific interfaces, the team has addressed the inherent disconnect between academicians and policy-makers, of language, objective and intent, and bridged this critical communication gap.

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