Human Resource Planning

P2i senior professionals specialize in health workforce policy and analysis and have worked extensively as a policy researcher and consultant on HRH issues in Pakistan. They have served as senior policy analyst for the Ministry of Health, Senior Adviser HRH for the Department of Health and senior technical expert HRH for WHO. Besides several national HRH assignments, they have also undertaken regional assignments and technically facilitated finalization of HRH policies and strategic plans.

P2i teams have valuable experience of technically supporting the Ministry of Health to organize policy dialogues series inviting stakeholders that included health ministers, secretary and senior officials department of health, vice chancellors medical universities, principals medical, dental, allied health, pharmacy and nursing colleges, Deans public health schools, faculty, researchers and students. Facilitated discussions on key strategies to address key HRH issues affecting the supply, management and retention of HRH. Compile strategic options and policy recommendations and generate policy briefs and presentations for attention of policy and decision makers.

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Covering the breadth and depth of human resource planning function

P2i professionals are recognized experts in HRH. The assignments undertaken in this context includes feasibility and business plan for the establishment of public health university, Workforce planning and forecasting exercises, quality audits of public health education programs, in service training plans and curricula development of new public health programs, management and governance of human resources, establishment of HRH Observatory at national and provincial level, HRH Profiling, HRH strategic framework, development of HRH for meeting the current and future population needs, career structures for Health Professionals and review of HRH regulatory structures

Human Resource Information Systems

One of the key areas where P2i HRH technical leads have worked is development of detailed guidelines, minimum data sets, data and metadata elements and frameworks to structure and design human resource data in context of electronic information systems. They also undertook comprehensive information systems analysis of the department of health, to devise and present a complete data recording and archiving system in alignment with WHO Health Workforce Registry prerequisites.

Doctor Deficit to meet SDGs

  • Current Doctor Availability
  • Doctor Deficit to meet 4.45 requirement

Analysed for Human Resource for Health Profile Punjab 2018

HRH Technical Leads at P2i worked with WHO in 2012 and later in 2018 for undertaking a comprehensive HRH profiling which involved collation and reporting on health workforce stocks and deficits based on Health Workforce Labor Dynamics Framework; analyzed secondary data related to Human Resource for Health; reported current situation of health professionals’ education systems, stock of workforce, trends in distribution and utilization, and gap estimates and forecasts; Presented futuristic scenarios for health workforce estimates with alternating budget enhancement situations; Drafted HRH strategic options and policy advice.

P2i contributes to the national and global evidence base by disseminating research and analysis on health labour markets; the training, education and development of the workforce; health workforce practice and management; health workforce migration; job satisfaction, motivations, and career paths; skill mix, performance management mechanisms.

P2impact team has a demonstrated track record of technically supporting HRH strategic decision making and policy reforms, while focusing on defining HRH priority research agenda, constituting HRH technical working groups, designing and undertaking research projects and HRH Profiling; promoting evidence utilization for guiding HRH policies and programs.

P2i teams are extensively engaged in developing high impact presentations to encourage debate and analysis on the health workforce aspects of health sector reforms. The team regularly generates technical advice to support and shape the health workforce profile, planning, performance, policy and highlight its contributions towards improving health care effectiveness and population health and achieving universal health coverage.

HRH Experts at P2i developed the HRH strategic framework 2018-2030 for Punjab, Pakistan and shared the learnings, in a WHO organized workshop, with other provincial governments for developing contextualized frameworks for addressing the health workforce crisis. This will serve as the starting point towards building of a comprehensive and costed HRH Plan for Punjab.

Health Workforce densities

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  • Two

Analysed for HRH Profile Punjab 2018

Human Resource for Health Policy Outputs

  • Punjab Human Resource for Health Profile, 2018
  • Punjab HRH Observatory Conceptual Framework, 2018
  • Punjab HRH Strategic Action Framework, 2018-2030
  • Punjab Human Resource for Health Profile, 2012
  • Implementation strategy for implementing the WHO Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel, 2011
  • Induction & Retention of Nurses: Resolving the Planning Mismatch, 2010
  • Development of Advanced Midwifery Training Program, 2010
  • Staff Performance Management Mechanism for nurses, 2010
  • Healthcare Manpower Planning & Management, 2009
  • National Nursing Policy Addendum for Pakistan Health Policy, 2009
  • Review of Regulations for Healthcare Professionals, 2009
  • Career Structures for Healthcare Professionals, 2009

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