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Conceptual Framework for Human Resources for Health Observatory

To fulfill the demand of readily available information that highlights HRH gaps and skill mix imbalances, critical HRH challenges in local context and policy blackholes, a project framework and data inputs were conceptualized vis-à-vis the need for high quality and timely HRH information to inform decision making for policy and programmatic guidance at the global, regional and national levels. The concept from an HRH repository was upscaled to a regional learning platform and Observatory in close collaboration with WHO focal points and subject matter experts.

Project details

Client name:
Government of Punjab, World Health Organization
Technical Lead:
Dr Shabnum Sarfraz
Workforce Planning and Development
  • Government
  • Academia
  • Others
  • Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department
  • Specialized Healthcare and Medical Education Department
  • Bureau of Statistics
  • Directorate General of Health Services
  • Directorate General of Nursing
  • Punjab Information Technology Board
  • King Edward Medical University
  • University of Health Sciences
  • Institute of Public Health Lahore
  • Colleges and Schools of Nursing
  • Schools of Midwifery
  • Institutes of Allied Health Sciences
  • Paramedic Training Institutes
  • World Health Organization (WHO)