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Health, Women and Leadership

WGH Pakistan aims to create gender equality at all levels of global health, and make global health more gender-equal, through adequate representation by creating opportunities and enabling environment especially in leadership roles. We are working towards creating a robust network supporting women present and active throughout the country and world. We are also reaching out to all international chapters to share progress, learnings and ideas for achieving the set goals and objectives. This will also ensure alignment of progress with the other global movements working towards gender equality, to create a fast-paced, impactful, transformative and evidence driven growth.

Gender equality and GlobalHealth5050 (GH5050) is crucial for achieving the targets for SDGs. More women in the leadership position are regarded as a major indictor for closing the equity opportunity gap. Harnessing the full potential of the female health community in Pakistan is expected to drive economic equity, and this gender disparity does not exist at just the entry level but the higher echelons and positions of leadership and influence as well.

Major gaps remain in achieving gender equality, in representation, in gender-responsive budgeting and in mainstreaming gender in policies, programmes and structural responses of health institutions, inhibiting national growth and decelerating progress on SDGs.

Through its Leadership vertical, WGH Pakistan will organize a comprehensive multi-tiered leadership programme for women in health workforce at different levels, specifically senior women ready to move into a leadership role at the next level, moving towards GH5050, leadership in health, and achievement of universal health coverage (SDG3.8).

One of the special focuses of this vertical is the Nightingale Challenge.  Launched in June 2019, The Nightingale Challenge is a global initiative asking health employers around the world to provide leadership and development training for a group of young nurses and midwives during 2020 – the Year of the Nurse and the Midwife. Nurses and Midwives are crucial to achieving universal health coverage and their female leadership is essential for reaching gender parity across all levels of healthcare. In Pakistan majority of the nurses and entirety of midwives are females, supporting and enabling their representation at the leadership level is part of the WGH Pakistan mission. As a national platform, WGH Pakistan will continue to work towards nurturing a collaborative space for leadership trainings, in alignment with the challenge.

Through the platform of WGH Pakistan, P2i will launch series of leadership thought events and trainings program for future women leaders in health to achieve their leadership potential

WGH Pakistan will do this through organisation of Leadership Trainings and Thought Leadership Events to promote gender parity at all levels of health, a development issue which intersects with health (SDG3), gender (SDG5), economic development (SDG8) and reducing inequality (SDG10). These multidisciplinary TLEs will be organized with focus on human resource for health-reorganizing for higher impact; Universal Health Coverage, gender and intersectionality. These trainings will be followed by evaluations, to extract and put forth evidence of effectiveness of such programs, and designing policy advice around the same. WGH Pakistan also continues to look out for technical expertise to design dynamic and evolving leadership modules to address this critical development challenge which impedes progress towards achieving SDG3, SDG4, SDG5, SDG8 and SDG10. WGH Pakistan also seeks active and interested collaborators, institutions and program designers for its Leadership Vertical.  To share your interest, please submit an interest of expression here.

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