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Mentoring Women Health Leaders of Tomorrow

Globally, female decision makers continue to be woefully underrepresented in the senior management in health (Less than 1 in five).  This is true for both state and non-state organizations. Healthcare Fortune 500 do not have a single female CEO. The list of the 50 most influential physician executives and leaders published by Modern Healthcare includes only seven women. These statistics leave much to be desired in terms of gender equality, gender parity and talent utilization.

One of the biggest challenges in female career progress in health is lack of female role models, and serious dearth of mentors committed to facilitate and nurture them to move to higher tiers in leadership in health.

This mentorship must also be designed appropriately, with well-matched mentors who have the relevant experience as well as the desire to connect, engage and help, and keen mentees who are thirsty for that nurturing.

With a successful launch on August 20th under the patronage of Dr Sania Nishtar, WGH Pakistan has been able to set the foundation of a robust WGHPakistan network, galvanizing and mobilizing diaspora women leaders in global health across the globe. WGH Pakistan will continue to raise awareness of roles and contribution of women across health and global health, through identification of champions in political leadership, galvanization of champions in the Diaspora Health Community and engagement of champions in the local strata for a multi-layered thrust. This will be done by lobbying with policy makers, legislators and key decision makers in the highest echelons in the government to create traction and political will for gender parity in health workforce.

WGH Pakistan will also facilitate organisations in implementing the Nightingale Challenge. Launched in June 2019, The Nightingale Challenge is a global initiative that asks every health employer around the world to provide leadership and development training for a group of young nurses and midwives during 2020 – the Year of the Nurse and the Midwife.

WGH Pakistan will bring together women leaders in global health for providing mentorship to young professionals and create mentoring opportunities for young female leaders in health. Towards this end, WGH Pakistan is:

  • Organising a Mentor Network – A thriving network of mentors will be built and continually updated, that will continue to provide national and international mentorship opportunities by connecting with a larger pool of experts interested in time and expertise ‘volunteering’.
  • Developing a Mentorship Programme – A mentorship program for mid and early career health professionals.

WGH Pakistan mentorship programme aims to create a dynamic network of leaders, connecting mentors and mentees to exchange their knowledge, experiences, and best practices.

WGH Pakistan hopes to identify mentors who are keen listeners and enablers, an experienced sounding board willing to share their experiences and struggles with the mentees, allow the mentees to reflect, review and introspect, and facilitate the mentees in better networking, branding and career progression.

WGH Pakistan also hopes to get keen mentees who are proactive and courageous learners, willing understanding the mentors’ perspective, be honest with their strengths and shortcomings, willing to co-develop areas of learning and strengthening, and keen to take the first step.

WGH Pakistan invites mentors and mentees to join this programme. WGH Pakistan also seeks collaborators and systems design experts to develop and hone the programme. To share your interest, please submit an interest of expression here. 

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