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P2i brings together people from different professional backgrounds, such as health, the arts and academia to explore health in its cultural and social contexts, execute programs of public engagement, create work that is original and impactful, and produce new insights, forms of engagement, methodologies or interventions.

Our highly-skilled team has a diverse range of experience in education, social sector and health system reforms, environment and youth activism, sustainable development and global goals. They have worked with leading international consultancies and professional organizations, as well as with provincial and national government, local civil society organizations and non-government entities.

P2i – Our Aspirations.

  • Be the credible and compelling voice on public health matters, for the public, the youth, and the policy makers, challenging the youth to raise the bar further, for the future generations
  • Be the platform bringing together seasoned experts from different disciplines, who strongly feel about their roles and possible contributions to the society vis-à-vis public health and can create a collective voice to fill the void of evidence.
  • Be the platform that connects the voice of technical experts to those in power, the decision-makers of today and tomorrow
  • Be the aspiration for those who are already in public health and also for those that are aspiring to be, for serving as a platform  that helps them excel and contribute back to the society.

Our Strengths

Network of Networks

Nurturing, developing and benefitting from network of networks, working towards shared goals and aiming for economies of scale, scope, conjunction and time.

Public Health Intelligence

Generating public health intelligence through research, consultation, stakeholder engagement, policy and content analysis to serve various health systems deficits, and alleviate the intellectual poverty concerning health systems approach.

Circular model of transformation

Creating a sustainable and enabling environment where public engagement is recognized, valued and supported for generating high quality research leading to better health outcomes

P2i Approach

P2i focus is on getting the fundamentals right – assessing the context, engaging the public, decision and policymakers, rigorously generating quality and relevant evidence, building linkages and effective partnerships, networking with subject matter experts, donors and development partners, disseminating evidence and advocating guided policy and practice reforms.

P2i aims to improve the use of evidence in both policy and practice through locking together research on high priority agenda, evidence driven policy recommendations, and policy-focused dissemination, advocacy and generating policy debate.

P2i facilitates effective, influential and sustained policy engagement for meeting the sustainable development goals. For the same it works closely with partners in the public and private sectors, in academia, research and service delivery institutions; in health, education and other related sectors; locally, regionally and internationally.


Creating pathways for positive change

P2i promotes enhanced use of evidence in program and policy development through generation of quality and relevant knowledge; building awareness about research in policy and decision-making processes; communication, dissemination and knowledge management.
Our teams and health systems expertise enable us to provide technical assistance, build capcities and strengthen processes throughout the continuum from design, planning and implementation, to monitoring evaluation and reporting. We take pride in building local capacities and resilient health systems
P2i extensively engages with stakeholder, builds coalitions and networks for effective program and policy development. We learnt that working in silos and limited public engagement has been detrimental to the process in developing countries – limiting the impact, narrowing the scope, reducing the scale and eroding sustainability.
P2i is a signatory to the Women Empowerment Principles. Operating in a country that ranks second lowest in the gender parity index, P2i is actively involved in initiatives for equipping women to be agents of change, for creating communities for women to drive, mentor and amplify voices for changing the trajectory of lives of women we serve. P2i believes in and practices four key levels for gender empowerment, namely: Gender integration in communication and processes, Promotion of gender sensitive engagement, Improvement of gender balance in leadership, and Advocacy for gender empowerment.


We support creation of pathways for lasting impact in the lives of the communities we serve.