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The P2impact team has rich experience of undertaking research projects for both national and international organizations. This includes qualitative reviews and profiling, literature reviews and scoping studies, situation analysis and survey reports; health systems and policy research. P2i places a high value on public engagement and working closely with the key stakeholders from both public and private sectors, to ensure facilitation during the data collection, ownership of the results, and participation and voice inclusion of the primary beneficiaries in the evidence driven policy recommendations.

Covering the breadth and depth of research functions

P2i professionals have wide-ranging research interest and experiences. The scope and scale of research projects undertaken includes literature review and scoping studies for definition of research questions, design of research instruments and data collection plans, data analysis planning, data cleaning, mining, restructuring and reorganization of data to produce final variables for analysis, and development of complex indices and scores to account for multiple variables for statistical tests.

Missing Structures and Capacities

Evidence-informed health systems approach is still to find its strong hold in developing countries. Health research in Pakistan, a LMIC, suffers from two-fold dilemma i.e. Socio-Cultural and Structural. The educational system does not encourage creativity or curiosity, and the scholastic design is primarily rote learning, with limited room for diversity and dissent, and negligible acceptance for outliers. This is further crippled by the cultural and societal norms of confining the thought processes, ‘not speaking out of line’ and not questioning the system

Lady Health Workers’ visits to Rural women in Pregnancy

  • Visited by LHW
  • Not Visited by an LHW

Analysed for Punjab Health Survey II 2018

Building on the identified gaps in public health technical and scientific capacities, P2impact is actively involved in evidence generation, it’s dissemination and promoting its utilization for addressing health inequalities, safeguarding and promoting the health and well-being of population. P2impact team has a demonstrated track record of technically supporting strategic decision making and policy reforms, while focusing on:

  • Defining public health priority research agenda
  • Designing research projects with robust methodologies and well-defined data analysis plans
  • Disseminating evidence and promoting its utilization for guiding policies and programs

Outputs from these researches has been disseminated as research reports, articles, summaries, policy and action briefs.  P2i engages in health systems and policy research generating evidence that informs the policy makers and stakeholders in taking educated decisions for policy and practice reform.

P2i has run collaborative research projects, engaging multi-disciplinary teams, across the country through a well-established institutional and individual partner organizations’ network in all provinces of Pakistan i.e. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, Sindh, Punjab, Azad Jammu & Kashmir, and Gilgit Baltistan.

Distribution of Applicants and Medical Seats in Punjab for 2018

    Extracted from the Punjab Human Resource for Health Profile 2018.

    Research Interest Areas

    Health systems, Health policy, Maternal and Neonatal Health, Family Planning and Sexual Reproductive Health, Mental Health, Adolescent Health, School Health, Nutrition, HIV Aids, Gender and Intersectionality

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