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Health Workforce Accreditation and Regulation

P2i team has been working on the development of the health workforce strategic framework for Punjab, and advising on the design of the provincial strategic frameworks of other provinces. In December 2019, P2i also participated in the WHO conference on health workforce accreditation and regulation in Istanbul, where the P2i team leads presented on establishing national consensus on guidelines for health workforces of different cadres and categories.

This entailed working on different categories of health workers in addition to doctors and nurses, including paramedics, allied health professionals like pharmacists, physiotherapists and health technicians.
Following the workshop, the team is working on a position paper on the regulation and accreditation status in Pakistan for health workers, on establishing minimum acceptable global standards, aiding in the portability of health workers, and preparing the workforce of tomorrow.
This will also address the need to include technological innovations and preparedness for the 21st century for the health workforce in Pakistan, adapting innovative models like regulatory sandbox frameworks and other approaches to address the brain drain, in the face of other on-going reforms like constitution of Pakistan Medical Commission and supporting structures, systems and partner networks.

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Turkey, Pakistan
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Dr Roomi Aziz
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  • Government of Pakistan
  • Pakistan Medical Commission
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  • World Health Organization (WHO)