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Monitoring and Evaluation

P2i has extensive experience in undertaking large complex evaluation studies for government and international development partners. This included designing, managing and conducting baseline studies, mid-term performance evaluations as well as end-line summative evaluations and impact estimations. Our senior experts undertook national evaluation study for the MNCH Program for the Federal Ministry; quarterly performance monitoring, annual client exit surveys, mid-term and end term evaluation and impact estimations for multiple donors. For their evaluation studies P2i has rich experience using DAC-OECD criteria while using both qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

The team has proven ability to manage large data sets and have written internationally peer reviewed research and evaluation reports for several development partners which complied with their approved reporting formats and standards. For our evaluations we adopt a participatory/collaborative approach engaging stakeholders in the evaluation process, so they may better understand the program being evaluated and ultimately use the evaluation findings for decision-making. The team has led M&E forums of experts for impact evaluation for donors as well as the local government-funded reforms.

Range of Monitoring & Evaluation Services offered

Development of logical frameworks, project monitoring plans, specifically designed M&E tools, design of performance indicator response sheets (PIRS), Integration of data generated by the M&E activities, comprehensive analysis at input, output, outcome and impact levels, establishing comprehensive M&E systems, processes and mechanisms allowing unstructured data to translate into actionable evidence, customized dashboards and trackers for viewing by different group of audiences.

Missing Capacities in M&E

In the local context, monitoring and reporting of progress is often directed towards tracking funds utilization. Value for money or cost-effectiveness of interventions is rarely evaluated scientifically, resulting in inefficient utilization of limited resources available. Integrated frameworks for M&E are frequently missing and the tools and techniques used are often not validated leading to ineffective progress monitoring. Baselines are absent or weak and quality of data generated does not allow for sound mid-term and end-of-project reviews.

Skilled Providers for delivery in Punjab

  • Skilled Birth Attendant
  • No Attendant
  • Unskilled Birth Attendant

Analysed for Punjab Health Survey II 2018

P2i has valuable experience of working on multiple M&E projects in both the public and private sector. This involved M&E systems development and strengthening, scientifically designed evaluation frameworks. P2i technically supported the departments of health, in streamlining their data reporting systems. This included not only identification of core indicators along each link in the results chain, but also connecting them to the data collection methods for facilitating evaluation of the effectiveness and efficiency of the programmatic responses.

Together with IT Experts the team has experience of developing of purpose-built and end-user specific dashboards and data visualizations. P2i senior professionals have been technically evaluating proposal both for the government as well as the development partners for new and revised projects, with specific focus on impact evaluations of previous interventions, monitoring and evaluation plans, and their alignment to the overall goals.

P2i senior professionals while working at the highest policy level undertook sophisticated data analysis for driving actionable intelligence and presented it before the key stakeholders informing them on performance of current interventions and guiding them on future reforms.

Antenatal care providers as per the education status of mothers

Analysed for Punjab Health Survey II

  • One
  • Two

Participatory & Collaborative Approach

While designing M&E frameworks and plans, P2i places high value on engaging key stakeholders right from the inception. They focus on identifying their needs, sharing and disseminating the relevant data, promoting its utilization strategically in planning, programmatic reforms and policy-making. While working with the Ministry of Health, P2i professionals extensively facilitated meaningful engagement with technical partners, identifying opportunities and strategies to overcome implementation bottlenecks for maximizing efficiencies and impact.

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