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Policy and Strategy Development

P2i professionals have an in-depth understanding of the both the population needs and the systems in which the policy operates. The key team at P2i enjoys a prolific working relationship with policy and decisions makers, academia, researchers and practitioners in Pakistan across sectors and multiple disciplines. Being internationally qualified management and research professionals with intensive experience at key positions in health, education and social sector, the team has in-depth experience of operating at the policy and systems level, organizing stakeholder consultations, policy debates and roundtable and formulating policy recommendations and policy briefs on high priority public health issues.

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Horizon scanning, effective engagement for policy & strategy development

Through its core team and panel of technical advisors, P2i serves as a critical resource for linking research, need assessment & stakeholder participation.  P2i professionals have worked on baseline assessments, developing multi-year strategic plans and annual implementation plans detailing out human resource, infrastructure requirements and financial outlays. Together with support of international experts designed an institutionalized mechanism and structure for supporting the policy development function for the Department of Health in Punjab.

Missing Structures and Capacities

In the local context, an organized mechanism or dedicated unit to steer policy analysis and create focused, comprehensive and inclusive health policies within the public health infrastructure is still missing. Although forums for discussions and consultations on policies and strategies are frequently organized by donors and development partners, the discussions at the policy level are rarely supported by qualitative foresight methods or quantitative forecast modelling for policy options.

Contraceptive Use in Punjab

Analysed for Policy Roundtable on Population Planning, from PDHS Preliminary Findings 2017-2018

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Developing effective strategies for translating Policies into Practice for both large, well-established organization as well as small start-ups. Engaging academicians, researchers, subject matter experts, policy and program managers for stimulating enriched conversations around priority agenda promoting multicultural participation. Technically support establishment of integrated mechanisms that identify and prioritize evolving policy needs, generate policy recommendations and develop policies based on proposed policy recommendations.

Microsimulation for quantifying health and socioeconomic impacts of the policy options and presenting alternative health scenarios to test future policies on diverse topics. Translating the policy goals into subsequent multiyear strategic plans, actionable steps, implementation or operational plans. P2i’s expertise in monitoring and evaluation facilitates integration of M&E indicators into the strategic plan right at the onset. This allows effective monitoring of the policy’s implementation and performance management for achieving the intended impact.

P2i team in Oct 2018 developed the Punjab Human Resource for Health Strategic Framework and facilitated sessions for stakeholders from other provinces guiding them to undertake the same. The team was also behind the Punjab Health Policy (Draft) 2018-2023 which was a culmination of a two year long inclusive and highly consultative process. This was developed by analyzing past and future trends to identify new opportunities, using the futures methods and tools and develop scenarios, visions, and strategies around the WHOs systems pillars for health.

P2i professionals were part of the technical working group who worked on the Health Policy Draft of 2010, National Nursing Policy, Human Resource for Health Vision 2018-2030.

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Establishing policy platforms

P2i experts have worked actively with key stakeholders, donors and development partners for steering priority agenda in close coordination with national, regional and international stakeholders. The team benefits from established formal linkages and professional partnerships across intuitions, departments and sectors, both public and private.

P2i team worked with the Department of Health, Government of Punjab, for establishing a high-powered policy forum, which generated policy dialogues and brought policy recommendations to the attention of the political and bureaucratic leadership, influencing evidence informed decision making.

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