Highlighting Women in Health/Global Health in Pakistan

About WGH Pakistan

Taking action about gender inequalities in the field of global health, Women in Global Health was formed to advocate for equal representation of women in top leadership position from the current 25 percent and create spaces for women among global health organizations, 70 percent of which are led by men.

With 103 million women in Pakistan and 60 million in an economically productive age, only 22.54 percent participate in labour and barely 30 percent of health professionals make it to the health workforce and labour market. The need for Pakistan to have a national chapter as well is most urgent and reflected in Pakistan’s ranking on various gender indices. The Global Gender Gap Report 2018 by World Economic Forum showed Pakistan remains South Asia’s lowest country and second lowest globally.

To be officially launched on 20th August 2019, the Women in Global Health Pakistan Chapter will highlight areas of inequalities faced by women in health. The presence of women leaders in health will guard interests of sub-groups, make interventions and conversations more inclusive and collaborative, and enable systems that pave way for higher female participation in health workforce, thereby closing the economic opportunity gap

P2impact will serve as the secretariat for the Pakistan chapter.

With a view that harnessing the full potential of the female health community in Pakistan is expected to promote economic equity and opportunity, WGH Pakistan chapter will work towards gender parity in healthcare which is crucial for women’s participation and contributions towards achieving targets for SDG 3 (Health), SDG 5 (Gender), SDG 8 (Economic Development) and SDG 10 (Reduce Inequality).

For the Chapter Launch, P2impact is compiling List of Women working in Health/ Global in Pakistan. Recognizing the momentum for gender parity in health workforce,  and the need to highlight the diversity of women working in global health, we seek nominations.

Guidelines for Nominations

  1. Nominees must be Pakistani women working in global health/health in Pakistan and/or abroad, who are practitioners, policy makers, advocates, health professionals, researchers and students working in global health or identify themselves as working in global health.
  2. Nominees may be from any specialty of health (medicine, dentistry, allied health sciences, nursing, midwifery, public health) or management (operations, administration, financial management, economics, monitoring, social development etc.) working in global health or identifying themselves as working in global health.
  3. Nominees are welcome from anywhere around the world, if they fulfil the criteria stated in point 1.
  4. Nominees may be at any stage of their career -early, middle, or late/senior
  5. It may be self-nomination or nomination of anyone else.
  6. All the nominations will be included in the WGH Pakistan List
  7. Later, a panel may organise the top 100 on the basis of the responses received and the categories of nominees.

Nominations' Submission

We invite you to submit your nominations by August 9, 2019, through any one of these methods:

Submit online on this link: ONLINE FORM


Nominate via Twitter using hashtags: #WGHPakistan  #Top100


Nomination via Linkedin using hashtags: WGHPakistan #Top100