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WGH Conspectus: What works for Women in Global Health?

Women are 75% of health and care workers on the frontline globally but they often hit the proverbial glass ceiling. They comprise the largest share of the healthcare workforce, EXCEPT in leadership positions. Clearly, women are facing barriers to achieving their potential, limiting their ability to add their unique talents and skills to the tables of leadership.
The Women in Global Health (WGH) Pakistan Chapter aims to address these barriers and identify approaches to their solutions by putting together an inspirational and practical conspectus- a compilation of professional and personal tools and tips from women leading the health sector in the country today, glimpses of their leadership journeys, and the strategies and advice from them for the next generation of women leaders in health in Pakistan.

P2i and WGH Pakistan will be bringing to you 3-7 minutes podcasts of these women leaders who have inspired you, who will be advising and responding to your career queries. Before our planner for the year is finalized, please share your questions, and suggest names of women leaders you want us to reach out to, on the link below:

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