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Development of Advanced Midwifery Training Program

A comprehensive desk review of the existing Midwifery Training Programs being offered in Pakistan was undertaken. Assessment was made for the availability of trained midwifery tutors and their competence for teaching advanced courses. Designed and conducted consultative workshop with senior midwifery professionals and discussed the modalities for launching Advanced Midwifery Training Programs. Gathered feedback on its structure and duration and documented a road map for launch of an advance midwifery program with milestones and resource requirements.

Project details

Client name:
Asian Development Bank, Department of Health, Government of Punjab
Punjab, Pakistan
Technical Lead:
Dr Shabnum Sarfraz
Training and Curricula Development
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  • Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department
  • Directorate General of Nursing
  • Integrated Reproductive Maternal Neonatal Child Health and Nutrition Program (IRMNCHN&P)
  • Colleges and Schools of Nursing
  • Schools of Midwifery
  • Saida Waheed College of Nursing
  • Midwifery Association of Pakistan