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Applying Gender Lens to COVID19

COVID-19 and resulting social and economic impact has the potential to erode the gender equality gains achieved by the world in last few years. The ensuing circumstances have made the existing inequalities for women and girls even more wide and deep, across the entire SDGs’ spectrum. This gap is being further underscored by oblivion towards gender impacts of outbreak while designing corrective policies in the absence of woman at the table.

COVID-19 is compounding the existing gender inequalities, especially because of gender intersecting wider structural inequalities like age, geography, class, employment, education, disability, and other stressors across SDGs. Applying a gender and intersectionality lens has never been more important. Technical experts at P2i have rich experience in gender mainstreaming and are supporting both state and private entities in devising an equitable response, from supportive policy and legislation to responsive-program design, necessary infrastructure, and skilled human resource- emphasizing on inclusive leadership and governance, secured access to essential sexual and reproductive health services; curtailed infection exposure to the gendered health workforce, addressing unpaid care burden and household dynamics leading to gender-based violence and loss of wages due to reduced mobility to combat the overall economic crisis and shutdown.

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