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Operations Core

P2i operations team ensures alignment to the vision and requisite resources engagement for smooth execution of the projects. They develop and execute effective human resource, financial and procurement systems and support effective planning, smooth implementation and periodic monitoring of the P2i projects.

Samra Usman

Chief Finance Officer

Samra Usman is a senior financial management professional with more than 12 years of experience in banking, financial review, industrial risk analysis and management. She has extensive experience of managing financial operations of donor funded projects. Her responsibilities include advising the board and technical core on sound financial management and reporting, overseeing the functions of audit, finance and operations.
She holds an MBA from the Lahore School of Economics, Pakistan.

Talha Mahmud

Operations Director

Talha Mahmud is a public health professional with more than 8 years of experience in operations management and health systems research. He has extensive experience of managing donor funded projects and working with the provincial and federal government. Talha is overseeing the Finance, Accounting, Administration and Compliance functions of P2i. His responsibilities include the development of financial and operational systems, budgeting, forecasting, budget tracking and management reporting.
He holds a research degree in Global Health from Trinity College Dublin and MBA from the Lahore School of Economics, Pakistan.