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COVID19 and Pakistan

COVID19 crisis has created exceptional challenges for public sector organizations, including health, while also underscoring for all industries, the power, and the importance of socio-economic impact. Across the world, governments and organizations are mobilizing to safeguard citizens, save lives and livelihoods, as well as build resilience and manage the economic fallout.

Public and private sector are working on war footing to mitigate and minimize the risks associated with COVID-19 globally as well as in Pakistan, fully aware of the speed and agility required for response planning. A conscious effort is being made to rethink the existing paradigm, re-orient the development priorities, redesign the sectoral strategies while keeping a close focus on how the post-COVID world is evolving.

The technical experts at P2i have supported the Government of Pakistan in undertaking a rapid social sector impact in March 2020 to assess the tears in the social fabric of the country and the extent to which vulnerable populations have been/ will be affected. The analysis has been critical in identifying relevant strategic priorities for addressing the three overarching goals of saving lives, saving livelihoods, and salvaging economy for the annual plan 2020-21. At P2i, we are also working with public and private sector organizations around the world to manage the impact of the coronavirus, looking much further ahead and envisioning with actions ranging from rapid responses to more fundamental, strategic shifts. This includes developing strategic insights, visualizing the possible problems and their evolution, and identifying solutions, helping organizations in applying the lens of COVID19 to their future strategy development. We will continue to update this space with the latest works related to COVID19 that we have undertaken.

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